Authentic and Extremely Rare Book - Written by Mullah Mohammed Omar to Taliban Leaders - Reveals Their Rules to Live by

What is "The Taliban Official Gazette?"

The "Taliban Official Gazette"

On May 5, 2009, CNN's Nic Robertson asked Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid, "what is your strategy," to which Zabiullah replied:

"We ask from the beginning and we say once again:to enforce the Sharia law and Islamic government in Afghanistan"

The "Taliban Official Gazette" provides you a first-hand account - in mulla Mohammed Omar's own words - of what an Islamic government under the Taliban in Afghanistan would look like.

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The "Taliban Official Gazette" is an original and formerly secret document discovered in Herat, Afghanistan, in 2001 and written by one of the most wanted men in the world, in his own hand.

As Chairman Mao had his "Little Red Book" to rule China, so did Afghanistan's brutal Taliban. Only in their case, the book's cover was white, and its contents far more repressive.

This formerly unknown volume is actually titled "The Taliban Official Gazette," but nicknamed the Taliban "Little White Book." It was discovered by a young reporter for the Los Angeles Times, Soroya Sarhaddi Nelson, as she researched in the Herat area, in November, 2001.

Nelson obtained a copy, partially translated it from the original Pashto and Dari, and quickly realized what she held in her hand:

It was a rare original document from inside the Taliban, laying out the group's vision for a "purist Islamic state," including a set of draconian rules Afghans were to live by, and punishments if they failed to do so.

The book also contained a series of edicts and diatribes directed at the top leaders of the organization, many surprising in their content.

Most significantly, the book was personally written by the Supreme Leader of the Taliban, mulla Mohammed Omar, himself!

Fascinated by her discovery, Nelson filed a news story about it. It was all she could do, having neither time nor resources for a complete translation.

Accuracy in translation assured by UCLA Islamic law professor

Dr Khaled Abou El Fadl, distinguished professor of Islamic law at UCLA, and prolific author, hand picked the translators and supervised their efforts throughout the process.

Dr. Abou El Fadl went to painstaking efforts to ensure the accuracy of this translation into English, stating:

"I need to make sure that there is no anti-Islamic or Islamophobic editorializing upon the text. I've had a few unpleasant experiences with publishers of popular texts who at times are eager to streamline and essentialize the Islamic tradition"

After reading the Taliban official Gazette, Dr. Abou El Fadl had this to say about the document;

"I think this document speaks for itself, and in my view, it represents an unfortunate extremist version of Islam that has its historical roots within the religious tradition.

This document [also] exposes the myth of a utopia-like Islamic state. The regulations issued by the government reveal the extent to which religious extremists are doomed to live a myth, which inevitably turns into an institutionalized hypocrisy".

A few examples of this institutionalized hypocrisy, include:

What's more, his Taliban are no better at following the straight and narrow at work than at play.

You'll learn that they come to work late and leave early, take talented people with them when they leave a job, steal supplies, extort money, and even charge prisoners cab fare for their transport to jail!

Lest you think Omar's complaints are those of any organization manager facing slothful employees and petty theft, continue reading. You'll be there as he explodes over far more serious lapses …illegal forced entry into homes, bribery, and other "inappropriate acts and vices."

Including the beating of people to death.

Read a translated copy in English here

The "Taliban Official Gazette"

Historians, librarians, and educators understand the value and credibility of original source documents.

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# "I think this important document speaks for itself, and in my view, it represents an unfortunate extremist version of Islam that has its historical roots within the religious tradition".
...Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl

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